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Jul 20, 2017


Do you have an unpleasant odor that doesn’t seem to go away in your kitchen? No matter how much cleaning you do or how many times the trash gets taken out it never seems to go away! The culprit could be your kitchen sink.

No matter how diligent we are about scraping off dishes there is always food and grease debris that gets rinsed down our kitchen sink drain. Let’s not forget about our hard working friend the garbage disposal and the things it gets to deal with on a daily basis. Some of that food and grease debris can get attached to the walls of your waste piping. When that happens it starts to rot, causing a terrible odor!


When you rinse your dishes off in the sink an accumulation of grease adheres to the drain pipe walls. This build up then starts capturing food debris and starts to decompose.

Scoop about a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into the kitchen sink drain letting it sit for about 10 minutes. While the baking soda/vinegar mix is working its magic, boil a sauce pan of water. Once the 10 minutes have passed, pour the boiling water down into the sink. Hopefully the baking soda/vinegar mix will foam up and eat away the grease layer from the pipes. The boiling water will then flush it down the drain.


Garbage disposals tend to hold small food and gunk particles on the blade assembly. That food and gunk then begins to rot creating bad odors. This will happen more frequently if the unit has a heavy use or not enough flushing water used.

Fill the garbage disposal full of ice and a cup of lemon juice. Run a little bit of cold water then turn the disposal on until all the ice is gone. The ice breaks up the debris off the blades and sharpens them while the lemon juice aids in eliminating odors.


If the odor from your sink smells more like sewer than rotten food there may be a trap issue. The trap is under your sink and is shaped in a “U” pattern. A trap's main purpose in life is to prevent sewer gas from entering the home. Usually a sewer smell is an indication that the water seal has evaporated out of the trap. This can happen in warmer weather or if you have not used the sink for a few weeks. In that case all you have to do is run about a quart of water down your drain to “reseal” the trap. Make sure you are checking for leaks under your sink when running the water.

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