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Sullivan Plumbing, Don Dawson Owner PlumberDon Dawson - General Manager
Don has been a part of the Sullivan family since 1999 and has spent most of his time in the field, down and dirty. An expert plumber, Don loves writing our blog and having various staff give input and their own experience to the mix.

Everyone has that pesky drain in their home that continues to plug no matter how many times you plunge it. To find out the root cause of this plugging issue a professional should be employed for a permanent fix.

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Maybe your toilet is just getting in shape for a marathon…or your toilet is just giving you an audible signal that it has a problem. You can decide which one is true after following these simple steps to check your toilet function.

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Whatcom County is a wonderful place to live but there are some weather conditions that wreak havoc with your gas water heater.

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Your water heater is one of the most used appliances in your home. It keeps your body clean and lets you soak your troubles away in a warm bath. It assists in cleaning your dishes and scrubbing your counters. Unfortunately, water heaters don’t last forever and for most homeowners having their water heater fail is not a planned event.

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Do you know where your water shutoffs are located in your home? Trying to figure that information out during an emergency is not a great scenario.

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The temperature is dropping, is your house prepared? This is the time of year to perform some checklist items to get you ready for those stormy winter days. Here are a few key items to inspect:

  • Foundation vents covered
  • Sump pump basin clean and pump functional
  • Water pipes insulated in crawlspace
  • Garden hose removed from outdoor faucets and faucet covers installed
  • Gutters clear of debris and downspouts flowing freely

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People love high water pressure but your house does not! While you enjoy watering you flowers from fifty feet away your plumbing fixtures are screaming for help. Plumbing manufacturers test and specify their products based on a maximum water pressure of 80 psi. If your water pressure is above...

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Do you have an unpleasant odor that doesn’t seem to go away in your kitchen? No matter how much cleaning you do or how many times the trash gets taken out it never seems to go away! The culprit could be your kitchen sink.

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We have all seen the advertisements bragging about how products are flushable. The truth is most of these products can and will plug up a sewer system. Wet wipes cause a lot of problems because they do not break down rapidly and they “ hang up” on any parts of a sewer system that are not perfect. Wet wipes also clog septic systems, private sewer pumps & municipality pump systems.

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The question often brought up to me “Should I get a tankless water heater or stick with the tank type unit?”
There are a few factors when answering that question...

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