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Commercial Service

Commercial plumbing repairs require a skilled and organized effort to keep a business running while repairs are being performed. Sullivan Plumbing excels at working around a schedule that puts the least amount of stress on the daily operations of a business or complex.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

A sanitary drainage system in a commercial setting can be more complex than a residential system. Sullivan Plumbing provides cost and time efficient drain cleaning solutions without putting strain on the operations of the business. We will get a complete understanding of your plumbing system before we blindly run a drain cleaning machine and cause potential damage to equipment.

Commercial Emergency Repair

Emergency repair is a specialty here at Sullivan Plumbing. We get the repairs done accurately and efficiently no matter what the time clock says. Sullivan Plumbing has the experience and knowledge to perform the repair that reduces damage to the structure getting you back in service ASAP.

Commercial Sewer/ Sump Pump Maintenance

Sullivan Plumbing provides maintenance schedule programs for keeping those pump systems working flawlessly. We provide pump maintenance programs on over 30 commercial properties in Whatcom County. Maintaining your pump systems is required to prevent any emergency shutdowns which could stop the daily operations.

Commercial Water Heater- Repair or Replace

Our technicians at Sullivan Plumbing have been factory trained on all the major commercial water heating equipment. We are available 24/7 and work closely with our suppliers to get your replacement tanks or parts same or next day.