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Aug 20, 2018

Reasons to Hire a Pro to Clear Your Drains

Everyone has that pesky drain in their home that continues to plug no matter how many times you plunge it. To find out the root cause of this plugging issue a professional should be employed for a permanent fix

Here's why it's better with a professional:

  • A professional will have the tools and experience to solve drainage problems. Once a drain has been cleared with an auger machine we can utilize a small camera to find out why a plug is a repeated event. The camera will show if there is a hard object stuck in the pipe or if there is a proper slope to allow for good drainage.
  • A professional can quickly examine your drainage system under your home to spot corroded or improper fittings, sags in the waste line or partial separations causing plugs. Then we can fix those problem areas permanently.
  • A professional can give you tips & tricks so your drainage system works to peak performance. 
  • A professional will use the best cleaning solutions to keep your home safe from drain goop.

A note about chemical drain cleaners:

Over the counter drain cleaners generally will only clear a minor plug and can be harmful to your pipes. If there is a hard object stuck in the pipe the drain cleaner will eat away the grease/soap and leave the hard object behind to cause another clog. Power auger machines that we utilize remove the hard objects permanently and effectively without harsh chemicals.

No plumbing emergency is too difficult for Sullivan Plumbing.

We specialize in emergency plumbing repairs and get your home running smooth again. Our emergency response plumbers are trained to be there in your time of need. Here are some of the emergency services we provide:

  • Drain Cleaning  (Don't flush that!)
  • Toilet Repair & Replacement
  • Water Heater Repair & Replacement
  • Pipe Repair & Replacement
  • Gas Leak Repair
  • Commercial Services
  • Faucet & Sink Repair

A fully stocked, mobile plumbing warehouse will arrive at your home which makes it rare we have to go searching for a part. We can fix your plumbing emergency quickly & professionally the first time!
Sullivan Plumbing Owners, Tracy & Don Dawson

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You are Number 1 in our business! Our business has grown from your referrals and your repeat business (and we appreciate that)! Your technicians from Sullivan Plumbing have received the latest training in the appliance installed by them. Sullivan Plumbing trucks are fully stocked for repairs so there is no paying the plumber to run to the supply house unless it is a specialty item.

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