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Apr 25, 2018

Why Is My Toilet Running?

Maybe your toilet is just getting in shape for a marathon…or your toilet is just giving you an audible signal that it has a problem. You can decide which one is true after following these simple steps to check your toilet function. Toilets have pretty much functioned the same way for decades. The toilet handle gets pushed releasing water into the bowl and then the tank refills. Simple. The problems that coincide with these moving parts have been the same for decades also.

Step One

Check the flush tube. Take the lid off the tank and set aside gently (do not set on the side of your tub!) Inside most toilets is a tube that has an open top where the water can overflow into. Make sure the water is not too high and flowing into the tube. If the water is flowing into the tube you will have to adjust the float level of your tank fill valve. Give us a call at 360-734- 6440 and we can walk you thru this process.

Step Two

Check the fill hose. There may be a hose going from your tank fill valve to your flush tube. If there is a hose, make sure it is properly secured to the tube. Sometimes the hose can become loose and cause a running condition.

Step Three

Test flush the toilet a half dozen times watching the operation of the flapper assembly and how it closes off the tank water. Be sure that the flapper chain is not too long and getting stuck under the flapper. Shorten chain as needed. There should just be a slight slack in the chain with the flapper closed. When the flapper is shut and the tank has water to the fill line the fill valve should be off. With the tank cycle complete, add some food coloring into the tank and see where it goes without flushing the toilet. This could take an hour or so but if you see coloring arriving into the bowl the flapper is the culprit and needs replaced. The last thing that could create a running toilet is a bad fill valve or too high of water pressure that blows out the seal on the fill valve.

These things should be tackled by a pro so give us a call at 360-734-6440

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