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Sewer & Sump Pumps

About 20% of homes in Whatcom County have some sort of pump system controlling ground water or lifting sewer to its treatment station. All pumping systems need to be cleaned, calibrated and tested at least annually.
Sullivan Plumbing has a maintenance schedule program for clients with pumping systems to ensure the reliability and longevity of the equipment.

Problems that arise if no maintenance is performed:

  • Pump could get stuck in energized position and burn itself out
  • Pump could jam from accumulating debris in the basin
  • Grease accumulation on energizing float can cause pump to not energize
  • Due to age or heavy use of pump, the pump fails without notice

Procedures during maintenance:

  • Test amp draw of pump to determine service life of motor
  • Test, clean and adjust (if needed) all floats in the system
  • Test high level alarm system for proper function
  • Remove any potential pump jamming debris from basin
  • Run pump system through complete cycle
CALL Sullivan Plumbing today and keep your pump system working at its optimal performance.