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Garbage Disposers

Garbage disposers have become a staple in the home making quick work of those plate scraps. Unfortunately those mechanical friends don’t last forever. Sullivan Plumbing can repair or replace any size disposer and get you back to the grind.

Common signs your disposer needs help:

  • Strong odor coming from disposer
  • Grinding sound from disposer before anything gets put down
  • Disposer just “hummms”
  • Excessive vibration when disposer is energized
  • Drain clogs whenever disposer is utilized

Tech tip: If your disposer is smelling kinda funky, fill the disposer to the top with ice cubes and a quarter cup of lemon juice. Turn on the disposer and let the ice thoroughly get chewed up. It will make a lot of noise so be prepared. Then turn disposer off and run a bit of cold water. The ice cubes clean the blades and knock off debris that accumulates inside the horn. The lemon juice gives the unit a fresh smell.