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Fresh Water Re-pipe

Unfortunately water piping does not last forever. Depending on the piping materials used and the quality of water from its source your piping can last 100 years or fail in as little as 10 years. We have seen some neighborhoods in Whatcom County that the water corrodes copper water pipes causing pinhole leaks. When this happens, Sullivan Plumbing is ready with the latest in tools and piping to install PEX pipe that resists those hard water situations. PEX pipe is a polyethylene cross plastic pipe that uses very durable brass and plastic fittings. An added benefit to this type of material is it resists freeze breaks unlike copper.

Drain and Sewer Re-pipe

Like a fresh water system, drains and sewer pipes have a life expectancy. When you are finding drips or rust stains on your steel waste lines it is probably time to replace those lines. Another piece of evidence that your system is failing you is frequent clog ups. As a galvanized or cast iron waste pipe ages it produces rust from the interior causing the pipe to close itself off. Unfortunately a drain auger will not remove those rust areas completely and the auger could actually peel off a rust layer, causing a leak. We have over 50 years experience designing and replacing old sewer systems to current plumbing code.