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Sewer Camera Inspection

Here at Sullivan Plumbing our goal is to provide the most accurate and efficient diagnostics of your plumbing system. One of the tools we have in our belt to hit that goal is to use a state of the art sewer camera system. This system allows us to inspect every inch of your main sewer line and record on a DVD.
We cannot only visual inspect your sewer system, a locating beacon on the camera head tells us exactly where a problem is located.

Reasons people schedule a sewer inspection

  • Retrieving “flushed” items: When a valuable item goes down the drain it can seem like it’s gone forever. With our camera system we can potentially locate that item and, with the luck of the Irish, retrieve it!
  • Pre-purchase inspection: Main sewer line replacements can be very expensive. Having a pre-purchase inspection can save you from inheriting a big problem.
  • Frequent blockages: Find out what is actually causing the blockage and what the investment amount would be to solve the problem permanently.
  • Remodel Inspections: Is that old sewer line going to be able to handle the added flow of another bathroom?
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