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Toilet Repair & Replacement

Does your toilet tank make sounds when nobody has used it? On average 27% of the water usage in your home is through your toilet. This percentage climbs dramatically with a running toilet or a leak from the tank into the bowl. The toilet is literally flushing your money down the drain. Call Sullivan Plumbing today and we can get those toilets tuned up!

Whether you need a toilet repaired or your wanting an upgrade to a High Efficiency Toilet (HET), our technicians are fully licensed and trained to solve your toilet needs. Our fully stocked plumbing trucks ensure we can handle most toilet repairs in the same service schedule so there is no running around to get parts.

Common toilet issues:

  • Toilet makes noises at night - The device in your toilet tank that shuts the water off is designed to work with water pressure below 80 PSI. At night your water pressure can spike to over 100 PSI if your home regulator is not functioning properly causing the fill device to release water into the bowl.
  • Toilet continues to run - Either fill device has failed to shutoff or is out of adjustment sending water into the bowl. Toilet flapper is worn out and no longer sealing water from entering bowl.
  • Water forms on floor at the bottom of toilet - SHUT OFF water to toilet to prevent water damage to floor. Wax seal has failed under toilet or seals from toilet tank are leaking and releasing water. CALL Sullivan Plumbing!
  • DO NOT install chlorine tablets inside toilet tank. This voids any warranty from the toilet manufacturer and ruins the internal parts inside the toilet tank.